Afternoon Bite 8/3/2020 (Video)

Every Monday afternoon Amber Kovarik and I talk about what happened this week in our local and national real estate market in 15 minutes or less. Today’s Takeaways: Communication with your clients is key. Be sure to share what is going on in real estate. The real estate industry is the driving force in ourContinue reading “Afternoon Bite 8/3/2020 (Video)”

Inman Industry Update

Information from the Inman Connect conference in Las Vegas in July 2019. iBuyer: provides iBuyer estimates to homeowners offers transparency to sellers. Is connected to iBuyers and walks the seller/Realtor through offer submission. Provides real numbers in side by side layout. Often pushes sellers back to the Realtor. Request a snapshot for allContinue reading “Inman Industry Update”

Real Estate Market Update

Tina Tamboer, with the Cromford Report, recently presented on the residential real estate market in the Phoenix metro area. To subscribe to the Cromford Report, click here: The complete presentation is available to subscribers.Here are my notes:Forget everything that Tina said at the beginning of 2019, even forget what she said last quarter. EverythingContinue reading “Real Estate Market Update”

Chandler Update with Micah Miranda & Councilman Stewart

Priorities Fiscal Responsibility: AAA rating. lowest cost per service. Water preservation & conservation: 100 years of water, they have made lots of arrangements. they do this for each project they do. They get it from the ground water from Gila reservation Transportation Infrastructure Safe neighborhoods Responsible development Chandler Police Chief just won Police Chief ofContinue reading “Chandler Update with Micah Miranda & Councilman Stewart”

Inman/Industry Update from July 2018

Most Talked about at Inman: #1 topic: Compass. A traditional brokerage spending huge amounts of money to advertise that they are a tech company. Goal is to have 20% market share in the top 20 metros nationwide by 2020. They are buying brokerages. Expect to see them in AZ by 2019. #2 topic: Brad Inman’sContinue reading “Inman/Industry Update from July 2018”