The real estate industry is always changing; today faster than ever before. My market updates cover local and national real estate and economic trends combined with my own insights and analysis. My goal is to provide current, unbiased information on the housing market. ~Sarah Perkins

“Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.”

-Mark Twain

Recent Market Updates:


Change can be scary. Change is always messy. Change often hurts. The old guard hates change because they created the status quo. The status quo makes sense to them. They thrived in it and they are not bad people for…

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Math is Good

Cady : “Yeah, I like math.” Damian : “Eww. Why?” Cady: “Because it’s the same in every country.” (Mean Girls, 2004) When I was in elementary school, I complained about math class too. And then I became a grown-up. It may…

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