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The real estate industry is always changing; today faster than ever before. We have corporate investors; iBuyers; bombshell lawsuits; downward pressures on commissions; skyrocketing home values; dated systems, a global pandemic; supply chain and labor shortages; huge interest rate increases; slowing demand; and an increasing inventory. It is a lot to keep track of. My market updates cover local and national real estate & economic news, trends, and data along with my own insights and analysis. My goal with this site is to provide current, unbiased information on the housing market. ~Sarah Perkins

Recent Market Updates:

  • Greater Phoenix Housing Update 7/21/2022
    Despite knowing that the market was going to normalize – no market lasts forever, especially not savagely unbalanced, unsustainable markets – but the speed of this change has been surprising, to say the least. The Greater Phoenix residential real estate market has seen 15 weeks of change but in the past 4-5 weeks that change has been amplified by a lot.
  • National Housing Update 7/20/2022
    Sellers have less power than they did only 6 weeks ago. The market is very different than it was recently. It is not catastrophically bad, but it is far trickier than it was.