Greater Phoenix Real Estate News, Trends, Insights, and Analysis

Recent Market Updates:

  • AZ Forbearance Update 6/16/2021
    In this 18 minute video and post, Lydia Wietsma and I discuss the latest in forbearance, extensions, tax liens, and servicing.
  • Greater Phoenix Real Estate Update 6/11/2021
    While today’s residential real estate market remains unhealthy (remember when 10% appreciation was a lot?), initial progress has been made. Prices are leveling off, supply is increasing, and immediate sales are declining. This is good for buyers, especially first-time homebuyers, which are foundation of the real estate market.

The real estate industry is always changing; today faster than ever before. We have brokerages valued in the billions; iBuyers; bombshell lawsuits (more have been filed); downward pressures on commissions; skyrocketing home values (Did COVID slow the rise?); dated systems, a global pandemic; historic low-interest rates; and an ever-shrinking inventory. It is a lot to keep track of. My market updates cover local and national real estate & economic news, trends, and data along with my own insights and analysis.
-Sarah Perkins