Greater Phoenix Housing: Request, Beg, Plea

Sex sells but fear sells more. The crashing housing market that is all over YouTube is not real life. One of the market’s biggest challenges is bad information. The sky is not falling. Fluctuating interest rates are not devastating the housing market like they did last fall. Buyers are buying. Fewer than in recent yearsContinue reading “Greater Phoenix Housing: Request, Beg, Plea”

Bank Runs & Lower Mortgage Rates 3/14/2023

“Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”  Winston Churchill Humans are incapable of making a decision without emotion. This was found when studying people who had lost the ability to feel emotions. They are unable to make choices. Fear and panic insight action. That is how on a non-descript Thursday,Continue reading “Bank Runs & Lower Mortgage Rates 3/14/2023”

Greater Phoenix Housing Update 9/27/2022

Interest rates have been very volatile and while inflation remains persistent despite the Fed’s continued efforts it is unlikely rates will decline any time in the near term. We need rates to be stable and boring and not bounce around like they are. This constant fluctuation is hurting the already tight affordability.

Greater Phoenix Housing Update 8/26/2022

Welcome to a balanced market. We are currently in stage 3 of the market shift, an increase in seller concessions. We will likely stay here for a while. It is important to set clear expectations with your home buyers and sellers. While the days of the runaway seller’s market are long gone, today’s sellers are not desperate (aside from iBuyers) and will not sell if they do not have to. We are working our way through the chaos and a stable market may actually be in sight.