Inman/Industry Update from July 2018

Most Talked about at Inman:

  • #1 topic: Compass. A traditional brokerage spending huge amounts of money to advertise that they are a tech company. Goal is to have 20% market share in the top 20 metros nationwide by 2020. They are buying brokerages. Expect to see them in AZ by 2019.
  • #2 topic: Brad Inman’s interview with Gary Keller. Click here to see the full interview:
  • #3 topic: Phoenix: all eyes are on us to see how our local industry responds to the marketplace shifts, emerging models, and iBuyers

Non-Real Estate Emerging Trends:

  • Privacy: voice activation and identity verification
  • Data: Who owns your data? How is it used? How can we protect it?

*Let me know if you would like the steps to download the data Facebook has on you.

  • Uber & AirBNB are not just platforms anymore. Uber is buying taxis and AirBNB is buying houses and small hotels

Where We Were:

  • Buyers agents emerged in the late 80s
  • 2005/2006 Zillow asks NAR to share data
  • Realtors moved from sales to customer service=Realtors help buyers buy homes not find homes

*Let me know if you would like the charts Amanda showed in class

Emerging Models:

  • Model #1: Tech or templated. Online discount brokerage, call center, selling through an app, limited support, W2 employees. Example: Homie
  • Model #2: Hybrid: great technology and traditional agents, specific services provided, lower costs, either 1099 or W2. Example: Redfin and Purplebricks
  • Model #3: Traditional: high volume, high value, high cost, must include clear value

New Tools:

  • Glide,, online SPDS. Integrates with Zip Forms. $25 monthly
  • Homesnap, direct ARMLS & Showingtime integration. Client search and messaging capabilities. Free.
  • Unison,, provides 1/2 of down payment, never paid back, owners share ½ of the equity when property sells within 30 years. no limits.
  • Loftium,, provides funds for down payment, requires for first 2 years one room is rented on Airbnb. They run their own data to figure out how much they will put down.
  • Propy,, Sell properties through Blockchain (step by step logical process that executes a contract) Propy handles the exchange and provide the seller in USD. Good for global buyers. Agents does sales call with Propy to post listing. Charge for currency conversion incurred by buyer.
  • Kleard,, open house sign-in that requires dual verification for everyone


  • Liondesk,, CRM, automated messaging, reminders, sign riders, background info research, $25 monthly

*Let me know if you are interested in our Lawyers Title discount to make it $20 monthly

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All-In-One Systems:

  • Evabot,, conversational artificial intelligence that chats with consumer and figures out gifts for closing. very conversational, all through text
  • Brivity,, all in one platform, integrates with ARMLS, Zipforms, Skyslope, CRM. starts at $199 monthly
  • Realsynch,, integrates as much as possible but not everything. it is useful while we wait for a lower cost option
  • Chime,, integrates marketing & client info

Smart Home Technology:


  • Boxbrownie,, virtual staging ($32) and photo editing, item removal ($4), best virtual staging. turn daytime photos to dusk photos $28. also do floorplans and 3D plans
  • Proxypics,, stock photo specific to location. photographers compete
  • Restb,, looks at photos and is able to decipher what is in the photos. Zillow is using this info for their Zestimate to make the info more accurate. Allows people to search based on what is in the photos. available to build integration through website.


Voice Automation:

  • VoiceterPro,, shares your skill on Alexa, downloadable through Amazon apps. Partnering with to use for searches, $349 monthly
  • Boomerang,, use to email from phone. selects emails to respond to first. speed of voice automation

Augmented Reality:

  • Hutch,, when showing vacant homes select the type of room and style, place furniture to see how they would look in the room. completely free. they make money by selling products. Zillow has invested in this system.

Virtual Reality:


Lead Conversion:

Lead Generation:

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