Inman Industry Update

Information from the Inman Connect conference in Las Vegas in July 2019. iBuyer: provides iBuyer estimates to homeowners offers transparency to sellers. Is connected to iBuyers and walks the seller/Realtor through offer submission. Provides real numbers in side by side layout. Often pushes sellers back to the Realtor. Request a snapshot for allContinue reading “Inman Industry Update”

How to Avoid Probate in AZ

Lydia Wietsma, with Revelation Real Estate, and I talk about different ways to avoid probate in Arizona for real property. Like any legal guidelines, there many different ways to own real estate. If you want to avoid probate, you have options. First if the owner(s) put the property into a trust, when the executor trustee(s)Continue reading “How to Avoid Probate in AZ”