Greater Phoenix Real Estate Update 3/5/2021

Today is all about the AZ market. Recently, Lawyers Title hosted a presentation with Tina Tamboer with the Cromford Report. She always shares pertinent and timely information. Below I have combined a lot of her information from her presentation, along with additional information from my research.

Greater Phoenix Real Estate Update 2/26/2021

While real estate remains local; the big business behind it is anything but. 2021 has seen many mergers and acquisitions and we expect to see many, many more this year. The journey towards the undefined end-to-end platform continues on, gaining speed in the form of millions and billions of dollars.

What is end to end? Is it buying a house with a click of a button? Is it bundling real estate, title, and mortgage services from one company? Is it the Zestimate value as the offer amount? Real estate isn’t a grass roots industry anymore.

Greater Phoenix Real Estate Update 2/19/2021

Low-interest rates keep housing demand high while available supply continues to dwindle. Today’s market is tough on buyers yet it is still a great time to buy; so we must continue to encourage them. And we must do the same for the sellers as well.

Stories of 75 offers in one weekend or a fixer selling as-is for $50,000 over asking come almost daily. Real estate is not for the faint of heart nor is it boring.

Greater Phoenix Real Estate Update 2/12/2021

Real estate is dominating many headlines; from the low-interest rates, low inventory, high demand, big news at Zillow, another commission lawsuit, national policy changes, to CFPB leadership changes there is a lot going on!

Greater Phoenix Real Estate Update 1/29/2021

The frequency in which I am asked, “Is real estate headed for a crash?” is increasing, by a lot. Given the enormity of uncertainty we have lived with for nearly a year, the question isn’t surprising. Things are going well in real estate and with the limited good news, it is easy to wonder when the other shoe will drop.

Greater Phoenix Real Estate Update 1/22/2021

As of Monday, total single family homes available in the US dropped down to 388,678. That means that only 0.05% of all single family homes in the country are available. With NAR’s 1.4M members, there are 3.5 Realtors for every house for sale.

Greater Phoenix Real Estate Update 1/15/2021

New listings are under contract in a matter of days. We are not at the peak, prices will rise probably all the way through 2021. You have time, markets move slowly. Things change over the course of years. Prices in 2021 will continue to rise most likely throughout the year. May slow down as demand wanes with rising prices.

Greater Phoenix Real Estate Update 12/18/2020

Experts forecast a stabilizing housing market for 2021. A stable housing market is good. It is expected that inventory will rise and prices will continue to increase, only at a slower rate. This is not a collapse, it is normalization and it is the path towards stability. Be mindful of the fear-mongering headlines, no bubble, no collapse, no foreclosure crisis. In 1710, writer Jonathan Swift wrote, “Falsehood flies and the Truth comes limping after it.” Somethings never change.

Greater Phoenix Real Estate Update 12/11/2020

2021 talking point: forbearance expiration, foreclosure moratorium expiration, and affordability. New listings are up 6% so far in Q4 2020. November new listings were up 2% year over year. November sales were up 26% year over year. Under contract up 28% year over year. Luxury is a huge part of the increase. 2020 has been a rollercoaster. Any stability in 2021 will be welcome.