Chandler Update with Micah Miranda & Councilman Stewart

  • Priorities
    • Fiscal Responsibility: AAA rating. lowest cost per service.
    • Water preservation & conservation: 100 years of water, they have made lots of arrangements. they do this for each project they do. They get it from the ground water from Gila reservation
    • Transportation
    • Infrastructure
    • Safe neighborhoods
    • Responsible development
  • Chandler Police Chief just won Police Chief of the year for entire USA
    • 2018 lowest crime rate since 1986
  • National awards
  • AAA bond ratings which helps get loans without having to raise taxes.
  • Huge population growth
    • Fewer multifamily projects in 2019 than 2018 Increased single family projects in 2019 Majority of growth is in southeast Chandler
  • Housing
    • 106,688 total housing units
    • 73.5% single family homes
    • 26.5% multi-family homes
    • 141 new houses added a month, on average
  • K-12 Education
    • Chandler Unified School District (CUSD) just won #1 school district in AZ ( vision 2030 is to be the #1 school district in USA voters approve school spending nearly 100% of the time
  • Currently modernizing Chandler Municipal airport, moving towards jets to accommodate business travelers and making it quieter. The hobby prop planes are louder.
  • Employment
    • economic development is all about bringing in more bodies
    • Existing employers
    • New businesses
    • New Banner hospital coming soon to 202 and Alma School
    • working to build a bigger variety of employment, not just semiconductors
  • Recently won best economic development department in AZ
  • Mica Miranda, head of the department, travels to businesses across the country to recruit to Chandler
  • Chandler is competing with Dallas, Tampa, Austin for businesses
  • By bringing in more businesses and jobs, taxes are subsidized so increases are not needed to support growing population
    • Price Corridor job creation zone Airport job creation zone
  • Commercial building fill rate/vacancy rate (page 17)
    • office 14% flex 7% industrial 5% retail all time low
  • Downtown Updates
  • Park Updates
    • 67 completed parks
    • 3 planned parks
    • 1200 acres of park space
    • talking about youth sports tourism (not a money maker but people want them)
    • adding to tumbleweed, move that towards a more competitive sports complex
    • also working with the schools to use their fields. adding more lights to tumbleweed
  • Lots of events to unify all of the different aspects of Chandler
  • Festivals to connect the old and the new
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