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Greater Phoenix Housing Update 11/9/2022

Housing economists worry that the Fed has already over-corrected and is leading us to recession because the inflation data is a lagging indicator (tells us where we were). The Fed is expected to increase the Fed funds rate by 0.5% to 0.75% before the end of the year.

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Greater Phoenix Housing Update 9/27/2022

Interest rates have been very volatile and while inflation remains persistent despite the Fed’s continued efforts it is unlikely rates will decline any time in the near term. We need rates to be stable and boring and not bounce around like they are. This constant fluctuation is hurting the already tight affordability.

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Greater Phoenix Housing Update 8/26/2022

Welcome to a balanced market. We are currently in stage 3 of the market shift, an increase in seller concessions. We will likely stay here for a while. It is important to set clear expectations with your home buyers and sellers. While the days of the runaway seller’s market are long gone, today’s sellers are…

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Inman Connect Las Vegas 2022

After 8 years of wanting to go, this year I finally got to go to an Inman Connect conference. Earlier this month, I joined 3,000 other real estate professionals at the Aria in Las Vegas to talk about real estate. It was awesome! This is my summary from 36 pages of notes.

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Been There Done That: Reflections on a Market Shift

In 2005 I was 25 years old and thought I would never be able to buy a house. Four years later I bought my first house and promptly watched my new investment plummet in value. But we could afford the payments and needed a place to live so we stayed. Housing is shelter and is…

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Greater Phoenix Housing Update 7/21/2022

Despite knowing that the market was going to normalize – no market lasts forever, especially not savagely unbalanced, unsustainable markets – but the speed of this change has been surprising, to say the least. The Greater Phoenix residential real estate market has seen 15 weeks of change but in the past 4-5 weeks that change…

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Greater Phoenix Housing Update 6/22/2022

While the Greater Phoenix housing market follows the same trends of the national housing market, it does so first (currently running 4-6 weeks ahead versus the usual 6-9 months ahead). The cooling trend emerged 10-12 weeks ago locally, while nationally the trend became more apparent in April. Not only does the Greater Phoenix market run…

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