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AZ Forbearance Update 1/13/2021

Of the cumulative forbearance exits for the period from June 1 through December 27, 2020 about 45% are current and 13.2% left with no loss mitigation plan in place. The others either sold, deed in lieu, loan modification, etc. It is the 13.2% of borrowers that are the ones who need extra guidance.

AZ Forbearance Update (video) 1/6/2021

Many experts believe that struggling borrowers are more likely to sell rather than foreclose. This will benefit those struggling as a regular sale does not negatively impact credit and buyers have very limited options. Any additional inventory is welcome. In Maricopa County, there are only 4,100 single-family homes available and all of ARMLS has fewer than 6,000 listings available. We are 70% below where we should be. Nationwide we only have about 419,000 single-family homes available; low inventory is a challenge everywhere.

AZ Forbearance Update (video) 12/23/2020

In this 13 minute video, Lydia Wietsma and I discuss the most recent five things you need to know about forbearance. The majority of borrowers leaving forbearance are current upon plan exit, only 13% of borrowers leaving their forbearance plan do so without having a loss mitigation plan in place. There is not much time left if someone needs to take advantage of these CARES Act benefits.

This Week in Phoenix Real Estate (video)

The very low supply and above normal demand has pushed prices up all year. We have been in an appreciating market for 8 years. Year over year, the greater Phoenix is running at about a 17% appreciation rate. The huge increases have made some people afraid we are in a bubble, however, today’s market is dramatically different. Dr. Lawrence Yun said, “There is no comparison” between today’s market and the bubble from 2004-2006.


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