AZ Economic & Real Estate Update 12/29/2021

Persistently low inventory combined with above normal demand has driven a 30% median sales price increase this year. Will inventory increase in January? If the market follows past trends then yes. If the market continues like it did in early 2021 then maybe not. We will know more very soon.

Greater Phoenix Real Estate Update 9/24/2021

At some point, nearly everyone who was in the real estate business in 2008 says, “I wish I bought one/some/many houses when they went on sale from 2009-2011.” Then they go on and say, “Next time, I will be ready.” This sentiment is why prices won’t crash.

AZ Forbearance Update 8/11/2021

There is a lot of confusion with all of the info coming out of Washington DC. There are proposals, bills, executive orders, extensions, approvals, and appointments announced every day. In this 15 minute video, Lydia Wietsma and I share updates on these policies impacting housing.

AZ Forbearance Update 6/2/2021

This week was week number 13 of continued improvement in the forbearance numbers and are now down to 4.18% of loans in forbearance or about 2.1 million borrowers. This is fewer than half the total amount of borrowers who were initially in a forbearance plan in May of 2020 which was about 8.47% of borrowers which was way below the predicted 30% of borrowers who were expected to go into forbearance.