Greater Phoenix Real Estate Update 2/26/2021

While real estate remains local; the big business behind it is anything but. 2021 has seen many mergers and acquisitions and we expect to see many, many more this year. The journey towards the undefined end-to-end platform continues on, gaining speed in the form of millions and billions of dollars.

What is end to end? Is it buying a house with a click of a button? Is it bundling real estate, title, and mortgage services from one company? Is it the Zestimate value as the offer amount? Real estate isn’t a grass roots industry anymore.

Greater Phoenix Real Estate Update 2/12/2021

Real estate is dominating many headlines; from the low-interest rates, low inventory, high demand, big news at Zillow, another commission lawsuit, national policy changes, to CFPB leadership changes there is a lot going on!

This Week in Phoenix Real Estate (video) 12/28/2020

The biggest news for our industry is the $25 billion in rental assistance which allows landlords to apply for funds to cover rents in arrears, utilities, and other housing costs. This is great for landlords as the majority of landlords are mom & pop investors.