This Week in Phoenix Real Estate (video)

In this 7 minute video, I talk about the 4 things you need to know about greater Phoenix real estate this week.

One – Inventory:

After stabilizing for a few months this summer and fall, available listing inventory is dropping again. We are down to 6,800 active listings. That is down 18% since last month and 50% year over year. It is also 67% below normal.

Our demand is 34% above normal, coupled with incredibly low inventory buyers are struggling to get offers accepted. Despite seasonal demand decreases, we still have about 4 buyers for every available listing.

Two – Appreciation:

The very low supply and above normal demand has pushed prices up all year. We have been in an appreciating market for 8 years. Year over year, the greater Phoenix is running at about a 17% appreciation rate. The huge increases have made some people afraid we are in a bubble, however, today’s market is dramatically different. Dr. Lawrence Yun said, “There is no comparison” between today’s market and the bubble from 2004-2006.

Today, we have true demand versus the false demand we had in 2005. Rents decreased during the bubble, people bought houses solely to park money, today people are living in the property and single family rents are appreciating faster than houses for sale. In 2005, there were extremely loose lending options available requiring no money down and lending up to 120% of the purchase price. Today in order to get a loan, a borrower must have a down payment and meet certain criteria.

Today, the average American homeowner with a mortgage has $194,000 in equity, providing owners with a lot of options. When the market crashed in 2008, few were left with options.

Three – Lending:

2020 is on pace to hit nearly $4.4 trillion in first-lien mortgage originations, the largest volume in history.

Of the roughly 138 million US housing units, 42% have no mortgage, of the roughly 77 million that do have a mortgage about 50% have interest rates in the 4s% or higher. (KCM)

While the Fed does not control mortgage interest rates, it’s consistent purchasing of treasuries and mortgage backed securities has kept rates low. At the most recent meeting, the Fed announced that it would continue purchasing at the same rate until there is “substantial progress” towards an overall stronger economy. Chairman Powell realizes that this will take time and is prepared to stay the course throughout the recovery.

Four – Built to Rent: 

About 6% of new single family homes are built-to-rent and will not enter into the market at all. It is expected that nearly 700,000 will be built by 2030. Nationwide, roughly 35% of rentals are single family properties and the demand is rising. There are about 84 million single family residences across the country.

Phoenix-based Christopher Todd Properties is currently developing 943 single-family built to rent homes in greater Phoenix. These communities have apartment-style amenities like gated entry, community pool and fitness area, and carports for parking. Many of these are 1-2 bedrooms and are roughly 1,000 square feet renting for about $1900 a month.

Courtesy of Christopher Todd Properties. Christopher Todd Communities at Stadium, a built-for-rent property of 300 houses in Glendale, AZ.

Published by Sarah Perkins

Sarah Perkins is an award winning account executive and has been in title sales since 2004. As the Director of Industry Research & Senior Account Executive, Sarah’s role is to bring real estate transactions to Navi Title. Sarah supports her clients by helping them navigate the ever-changing real estate space through thorough research and understanding of current trends impacting today’s home buyers and sellers.

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