Greater Phoenix Real Estate Update 2/19/2021

Low-interest rates keep housing demand high while available supply continues to dwindle. Today’s market is tough on buyers yet it is still a great time to buy; so we must continue to encourage them. And we must do the same for the sellers as well.

Stories of 75 offers in one weekend or a fixer selling as-is for $50,000 over asking come almost daily. Real estate is not for the faint of heart nor is it boring.

Greater Phoenix Real Estate Update 1/22/2021

As of Monday, total single family homes available in the US dropped down to 388,678. That means that only 0.05% of all single family homes in the country are available. With NAR’s 1.4M members, there are 3.5 Realtors for every house for sale.

Greater Phoenix Real Estate Update 10/2/2020

Our economic recovery is complicated and Q4 2020 will be a continuation of the complication. I expect we will see more of the same; tight inventory, high demand, continued recovery – slower than we would like but progress nonetheless, and holiday commercials will replace political ads. The AZ Market: Real estate consultant Jim Belfiore expectsContinue reading “Greater Phoenix Real Estate Update 10/2/2020”