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Taylor with Financial Potion recently discussed the best practices for real estate videos. For more information, check out her website or contact her directly at 480-999-5511 or They offer full service: production, scripting, editing, social media production, classes, and one to one training

  • Videos:
    • Intro video should be 3 minutes max
    • Intro video should always include a strong call to action
    • intro video needs to have more of the wow factor, have this one edited and polished
    • Testimonial videos should be around 30-45 seconds
    • Testimonial videos should always include, “I recommend this person because…”
    • testimonials not edited, straight forward, feels real
    • get a testimonial at client appreciation parties, signings
    • Listing videos should be 2-3 minutes
    • Listing videos can combine photos and video
    • Listing videos should tell a story, include subtitles, tell a story
    • listing videos, high end fully edited, lower priced properties require less editing
    • 80% of users on Facebook and LinkedIn watch videos on silent before deciding to watch the video
    • Open house videos are perfect for Facebook live
    • Live videos should be at least 5 minutes
    • Quick tips should be less than 1 minute
    • Quick tips should always include a call to action
    • tips both, some editing can be basic
  • Equipment
    • Video equipment suggestions:
    • Videos should shot with a camera/phone that has at least 1080HD quality
    • Editing, all video programs have a trim program, remove beginning and end, hold a smile for 3 second on either side and you can clip either end.
    • Add text graphics, insert photos, use timelines, add transitions using Microsoft movie maker on PCs or Mac users can use iMovie. both simple options. simple and easy to use.
    • Adobe creative cloud is tougher to use and is $55 monthly with an annual commitment. crazy graphics & after effects, good if you want to spend a lot of time editing
  • Where should you be posting videos?
    • optimized title, description, tags, thumbnail, YouTube end screens, YouTube cards, make sure transcription is correct
    • use embed code to embed it on site, blog, newsletters, direct link for email
    • never post a YouTube link on Facebook. make sure you upload each separately
    • Instagram videos have to be 60 seconds or less, it is cut off if it is longer, 18-35 demographic
    • Pinterest demographic is 35+ women
    • Facebook 35-65 demographic
    • go where your target audience is
    • everyone needs to post to YouTube
    • Instagram TV 15 seconds-10 minutes, on desktop you can upload up to 1 hour.
    • Instagram suggestions vertical video, all other videos should be horizontal
    • download Facebook live and then put them on YouTube
  • Length:
    • use analytics to see how long videos should be. look for drop off and see where you get drop off. you can create a poll in FB and ask a question at the time of your drop off. do things to retain viewership, polls is one of the most powerful options
  • How often?
    • regularly, if you have a production day it is ideal, but as often as you can
    • LinkedIn is great for B2B
  • Biggest Mistakes
    • not posting
    • not being consistent
    • schedule production day, edit, then post
    • do not worry about being perfect, people know it is live
    • too much headroom
    • full service: production, scripting, editing, social media production, classes, and one to one training

Published by Sarah Perkins

Sarah has been with Lawyers Title of Arizona since 2004. As an award-winning sales executive, Sarah's role is to bring transactions to Lawyers Title. To do this, she focuses on supporting her clients and helping them navigate the ever-changing real estate space through thorough research and understanding of current trends impacting today's home buyers and sellers.

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